Make the pilgrimage back to Athens for our annual Symposium to reconnect with classmates, network with fellow alumni, and enjoy your old spots in historic uptown!


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The Symposium Banquet on Friday, May 9 will honor Dr. Andrew Kreutzer ’80 as the 2014 recipient of the Charles R. Higgins Distinguished Alumnus Award. It will be quite the send off for Doc K, who announced his retirement effective at the end of this school year.


An addition to the Symposium lineup this year is the 1ST Annual Doc K Invitational on Saturday, May 10 at Athens Country Club. The golf event will be held simultaneously as the 2014 Symposium Golf Tournament at the OU Golf Course.

The creation of the Doc K Invitational allows for more golf participation opportunities for alumni and current students, as each event will accept up to 36 registrants. Athens Country Club will provide a more pristine setting for golf enthusiasts. The Doc K Invitational is open to any alumnus who graduated between 1995-2007 and by special invite.


Get in touch with your classmates and book your travels today! We are anticipating a record crowd, so make sure to reserve your seat at the banquet as soon as possible.

Check out the list below to see who has already registered from your class!


Name Class
Valentic, Lou 1979
Logan, Linda 1980
McGarvey, Denny 1980
Bonacci, Valerie 1982
Irvine, Greg 1982
Timm, Brian 1984
Perna, Len 1989
Ellis-Ward, Tracy 1992
Hughes, Greg 1997
Binegar, Shelley 1999
Golden, Jason 2001
Timon, Jill 2001
Long, Matt 2003
Brinkley, Nate 2004
Canaday, John 2004
Compton, Justin 2004
Hafling, Chris 2004
Handler, Jeff 2004
Harris, Jim 2004
Mize, Brian 2004
Ruane, Lori 2004
Ward, Wesley 2004
Weber, Greg 2004
Bhatt, Neelay 2005
Woody, Paul 2005
Soder, Mark 2006
Bixenstine, Matt 2007
Eigenbrot, Steve 2007
Gainor, Brian 2007
Hafer, Josh 2007
Martin, Wade 2007
Eckhouse, Lindsey 2009
Gill, Navreet 2009
Holmes, Evan 2009
Kirinovic, Deb 2009
Kirinovic, Matt 2009
Kosmala, Chris 2009
Lares, Andres 2009
Lockridge, Joni 2009
Lowery, Erik 2009
Petrello, Tony 2009
Snyder, Jeff 2009
Taylor, Keller 2009
Holmes, Ryan 2010
Lewis, Aaron 2010
Munro, Garrett 2010
Norris, Rob 2010
Phifer, Sean 2010
Smalley, George 2010
Vitanye, Alex 2010
Wood, Taylor 2010
Wright, Christina 2010
Bauer, Beau 2011
Carden, Phil 2011
Duverge, Jose 2011
Jacobs, Ben 2011
Lal, Rishi 2011
Lawrence, Alicia 2011
Matacic, Janice 2011
Nieser, Pat 2011
Ossakow, Drew 2011
Othen, Sean 2011
Breitenstein, Seth 2012
English, Hallie 2012
Johnson, BC 2012
King, Sarah 2012
Musso, JT 2012
Noel, Nathan 2012
Olson, Ethan 2012
Webster, Jeff 2012
Butterly, Dan 2013
Iezzi, Mike 2013
Williams, Dan 2016
Fuller, Brett *
Li, Ming *
Seaver, Ron *
Walton, Kelley *
Bollinger, John 2013*
Dirman, Mike 2013*
McGowen, Kate 2013*
Peterson, Abby 2013*
Rhoa, Mark 2013*
Robinson, Madelyn 2013*
Soloman, Maria 2013*
Vedder, Jeff 2013*
Waters-Brown, Laura 2013*
Wendling, Mike 2013*